Project result 1

Work based learning survey for a practical green and digitaljob 'community development officer"


The purpose of the research

is to gather from the labor market the exact job requirements that will make a graduate productive shortly after employment. This will indirectly lead to increased employment potential, objective 4 of the project.



PRIMARY RESEARCH – included interviews directed to local authorities, local representatives, communities, employers, etc.

During the interviews we used the method of “Funnel Structure”, a deductive approach that works by beginning with general open-ended questions and then narrowing the possible responses using closed-end questions. 

The interview will take place either face to face or by phone/online and will last approximately two hours. The questions are not obligatory, and the interviewee can choose to not reply to any of them, if they do not feel comfortable. 

Each country conducted 20 interviews. 

DESK RESEARCH examine also secondary data aiming to describe the situation from each country regarding green and digital skills included into jobs.  It must be found answers on questions:

What are green skills

What are green economy jobs?

What are digital skills?

What does the community development officer mean at national and EU level? 


Research results


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Romanian language

Greek  language

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