Work based learning for Future Employment - Romania


Cluj county area - Romania


GAL NAPOCA POROLISSUM, hosted the Learning Teaching Training Activity, Work Based Learning for Future Employment in Romania, based in Cluj Napoca and surrounding rural communities. Thirty participants, from across the partner territories of Ballyhoura Development CLG (Ireland)GEInnova (Spain)Synthesis (Cyprus)Exeo Lab (Italy) and Innovation Hive (Greece), engaged in the initiative.

Practical activities

  • Development of sustainability documents to include sustainability reports.
  • Carry out green activities with local communities.
  • Work with and for disadvantaged people.
  • Produce digital communications e.g. share work on social networks.
  • Highlight and make community problems visible.

Skills developed

  • Sustainability and green skills
  • Group work
  • Teamwork
  • Leadership
  • Digital skills
  • Communication skills
  • Networking
  • Knowledge of legislation
  • Strategic research 
  • Community development skills
  • Promotion and animation
  • Perform resource planning
  • Perform project management
  • Time management
  • Conduct public presentation

Activities performed

  • Theoretical activities about the upcoming practical activities
  • Cultural experience 
  • Practical Learning (green activities) with the local community from Răchițele 

  • Practical Learning with the local school from Săcuieu

  • Short visit to a blood donating event in Gilău

Photos from the event:


Meeting agenda


16 October 2023

17 October 2023

18 October 2023

19 October 2023

20 October 2023